Escondido Federal Credit Union

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Board of Directors

Escondido Federal Credit Union

Employees/Board of Directors

Luz Armenta, Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                      Angelica Krotov, Chief Financial Officer                                                                                                          Lindsay Ramirez, Administrative Lending Operations Manager                                                                        Kristina Rosas, Operations Officer/Manager

Board of Directors
Neil Mueller, President
Mike Nelson, Vice President
Andrew Trudell, Treasurer
Kelly Spire, Secretary
Phyllis Laderman, Board Member
John Donnellon Jr, Board Member 
Dan Zorn, Board Member

Supervisory Committee
Patty Russo, Committee Chair                                                                                                                   
Livy Valenzuela, Committee Member                                                                                                                      Susan Roberts, Committee Member                                                                                                                      Michelle Hunt, Committee Member